Friday, September 4, 2009

Why is this game 'kinda' not popular?

Company of Heroes series

ok...for non-gamers and gamers alike, this might be the first time u hear of this game and u never will again if ur not really into the RTS(Real time strategy)game genre.Frankly, i dont know why its not popular maybe it's not popular in Malaysia?. It's a almost realistic,very pretty,and it's from Relic published by THQ!. It's THQs change of pace from medival RTS to space RTS (Dawn of War series). Basicly, company of heroes is an rts where u chose either allied(americans or commenwealth) or axis(panzer elites or nazi germany) sides (yes its a WW2 game). From there u can chose three commander trees.For example, i choose the Panzer elites which is an axis faction . It has three commander trees and they are the SCORCHED EARTH tactics, LUFFWAFFE(germanys air force) tactics and the TANK DESTROYER tactics. Of course each tree has their own pros and cons. It depends on the commander whether you come out of a game victorious or under utter defeat. Anyway , the game is kinda simple yet complicated in its own way.But it's fun to play none the less. So, why is it not popular like warcraft 3 or starcraft or Command and conquer? Well this game kinda states that every unit u have is very valuable. Unlike in Red Alert 3, if i were to lose an Apocalypse tank i'd just say " oh well, i can always make a new one" but if i were to lose a Hetzer or a Panther tank in CoH, i'd go "Oh My God, How'd that happen? fuckin tommy bastards! i m gonna fuckin kill u!!! etc" . My point is victory in this game is not solely determined on the number of ur troops, its determined by how u control them or how effective that unit is against other units, kinda like rock paper scissors .Thats why reason 1, probably. what's this? my eyes....arrgghh so heavy. lol . i'll edit this post if i have time or if i am ever interested to do so. this post is kinda lacking lots of stuff .


Hehe.....baru skrg terase nak update blog.Well, aku lagi suke bace blog org dari tulis blog anyway so i wont be writing frequently. Maybe this blog is just a place for me to write my feelings. Not like i have much. Though i m a human being like the rest of the world ... i feel that i lack enthusiasm for anything,the feeling of doing something for my country,my family,my brothers in islam is never there... probably the thought of our world is controlled by 'the elites' got to me? i feel as though anything worth doing is to live my life the way i want to. Hard actually to live life as one wants to.With your family nagging and peer pressure peering down on u, u gotta have that feeling to live up to their expectations, or just do whatever they say just to get them of your back. But i love them. I love my family ,my friends ,my brothers and my country .Of course i dont show it cause it'll be embarrassing . I any of my friends see me acting kinda awkward in front of complete strangers, then let it be known that i am a very shy guy .
With people i know, i dont mind teasin and jokin though. Ok thats all i think. Ranting over. not much of a rant though but there u have it.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Ha.....recently aku gi TS ngan shapick n Naz n mie pun ade ..anyways aku beli bkn satu but DUA action figure revoltech! Dlm byk2 jenis action figure i like revoltech da best. Kerna ia susah nak rosak n senang nak repair when it does rosak. Rabu ni diorg kate nak tgk G.I joe. Hehe...betambah lagi la koleksi aku..kalo mampu la, maklum la poket da kehausan ni. Aku serte kan gamba2 yg telah ku capture.Yg gadis tu Yoko(from da Anime :Gurren Laggan)dari version Fraulien(it means Lady in the Germen lang) n yg itam tu Special Force Armored 'Red Spectacles'(from da movieanime 'Jinroh' i think) dari version asal Revoltech. So itu je from me for now . Nak tido.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Updates on my so not interesting life.(sigh...let there be aliens among us)

It's been a very, very ,very ,very *10 long time since ive wrote anything in my blog. It might be because i dont have anything to write. Or am i really that boring of a guy? Well anyway, as i was referring to my friends blogs i noticed that they mostly talk about something they like. So i'd decided to do it as well. Oh, congratz to the CSOMers who passed and managed to proceed to the next sem.I hope everyone passes though because deep down inside, i really love u guys. But i dont wanna be too specific about it. Sry for not being a fluent L33T writer, I never could bring myself to write incomplete words. Oh, and i just bought a new computer. My laptop is kinda broken so i thought to myself "Well, This is a very good oppertunity to buy a new comp" so i did.Signing off for now.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Slow la.....

Aiyo..Internet veli the slow la. Maybe because of the router. or maybe streamyx is as Naz said Snailmyx? We applied for a 1 mbps connection but we ain't even gettin half of that amount. They said they are upgrading their services(TMnet) but i wonder when the 'upgrading' is gonna finish?. Well, there's nothing us normal people can do. We can wait ,but,hell when has waiting made any difference? 

My Fav bands

How do i usually get to know a band? Well...i know most of em from animes i watched. If the opening or ending songs are any good...i'll search for it in the internet. There is of course the conventional way of knowing a band, which is thourgh the radio , my friends etc. Sometimes i just stumble into them while surfin the net. For instance, i found a band called Bump of Chicken. It would be more informative if u just surf the net for em( youtube it). Most of their song is good, some are so-so.
Me and my bro know this band from the early episodes of the anime naruto. Its called  Asian Kungfu Generation. This band(ajikan) plays really well and has really nice music.That all for now as im tired as hell right now. Fish out

OoO the fish is now

Hurrah for the opening of me blog. Im going to talk about a lot of random stuff so be prepared to say "What the Fish?" and for my friend's sake, i say SYAFICK!!!!!