Monday, July 6, 2009

Updates on my so not interesting life.(sigh...let there be aliens among us)

It's been a very, very ,very ,very *10 long time since ive wrote anything in my blog. It might be because i dont have anything to write. Or am i really that boring of a guy? Well anyway, as i was referring to my friends blogs i noticed that they mostly talk about something they like. So i'd decided to do it as well. Oh, congratz to the CSOMers who passed and managed to proceed to the next sem.I hope everyone passes though because deep down inside, i really love u guys. But i dont wanna be too specific about it. Sry for not being a fluent L33T writer, I never could bring myself to write incomplete words. Oh, and i just bought a new computer. My laptop is kinda broken so i thought to myself "Well, This is a very good oppertunity to buy a new comp" so i did.Signing off for now.