Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Slow la.....

Aiyo..Internet veli the slow la. Maybe because of the router. or maybe streamyx is as Naz said Snailmyx? We applied for a 1 mbps connection but we ain't even gettin half of that amount. They said they are upgrading their services(TMnet) but i wonder when the 'upgrading' is gonna finish?. Well, there's nothing us normal people can do. We can wait ,but,hell when has waiting made any difference? 

My Fav bands

How do i usually get to know a band? Well...i know most of em from animes i watched. If the opening or ending songs are any good...i'll search for it in the internet. There is of course the conventional way of knowing a band, which is thourgh the radio , my friends etc. Sometimes i just stumble into them while surfin the net. For instance, i found a band called Bump of Chicken. It would be more informative if u just surf the net for em( youtube it). Most of their song is good, some are so-so.
Me and my bro know this band from the early episodes of the anime naruto. Its called  Asian Kungfu Generation. This band(ajikan) plays really well and has really nice music.That all for now as im tired as hell right now. Fish out

OoO the fish is now

Hurrah for the opening of me blog. Im going to talk about a lot of random stuff so be prepared to say "What the Fish?" and for my friend's sake, i say SYAFICK!!!!!